Calendar Converter for Near East Historians

This is a simple calendar conversion utility that displays a given date according to five primary standards: Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, and Persian (i.e., Solar Hijri). Change the date in any of the tables below, then click the corresponding “Calculate” button, and the equivalent date will appear in the other four calendars. There is now limited support for the Ottoman fiscal (or Rumi) calendar, a Julian derivative. In the Hebrew case, the year is also listed according to the Seleucid era. And for the benefit of historians of the later medieval and early modern Persianate world, this converter further indicates the animal year in which the given date falls. (See the “Notes & References” section below for discussion of such arcane points.)

The core of this project was adapted from the more extensive work of John Walker. I encourage you to spend some time exploring his calendar page and the underlying code, which he has graciously placed in the public domain.

Gregorian Calendar checkmark

Julian Calendar checkmark

In the Ottoman fiscal calendar, as it was followed from 1840 through 1916 Julian, this date is …

Hebrew Calendar checkmark

In the Seleucid era, as used by some medieval Jewish communities, this is year …

Islamic Calendar checkmark

Persian (Sol. Hijri) Calendar checkmark

In the Persianate adaptation of the Chinese-Uighur animal calendar, this date falls in a year of the …

Using the “imperial epoch” favored by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, this is year …

Notes & References

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